Responder 5

Rauland’s newest system is the Responder 5. The Responder 5 is a completely integrated communication system. The system is easy to use and provides nursing staff with a supportive tool in their efforts to provide patient care that is second-to-none. Your patients will be assured that calls will be directed to the proper caregiver and will know that help is on the way when it’s needed.

Many features and options are available with the Responder 5 system that are geared toward streamlining the plethora of processes within a department. The Staff Assignment feature allows staff to easily view their patient load and room assignments and gives nursing managers and directors a visual indication of staff coverage and workload. The My Profile feature allows staff sign-in and sign-out capabilities through the use of barcode ID badges, reducing the long lines during shift changes that often occur in healthcare facilities. Shift changes and patient assignments have never been easier because Responder 5 can be customized to efficiently support how nurses run their floor. This allows nurses to spend more time how they’re needed — taking care of patients.

Responder 5 provides communication beyond nurses and doctors. One touch of a button can alert the proper staff that an operating room is ready for Environmental Services to clean a room, or it can notify Central Supply to re-stock supplies. Stations and buttons can be tailored to provide your facility with the options you need to streamline your nursing processes and procedures.

Everything is fully customizable to meet the needs of your facility. Management will enjoy the complete and accurate electronic census and custom reports, improving efficiency throughout the facility. From one bed to thousands of beds, Responder 5 is user-friendly and adapts to meet your needs so you don’t have to adapt to the system.

Responder IV

Sound and Signal and Rauland-Borg have installed many of the Responder IV Systems since its introduction in 1996. The Responder IV is still currently available for installation and additions to your existing system. Sound and Signal is always available to provide continued service and support for your Responder IV.

The Responder IV can be fully integrated with Responder 5 to achieve the maximum return on your investment. Each series uses the same software interface across the facility, avoiding the need to re-train staff.

Let Sound & Signal be your source when it’s time to update your nurse call system.

Responder 4000

Rauland’s Responder 4000 is designed for long-term care, sub-acute, and skilled nursing facilities. Enjoy a feature-rich communication system that meets the needs and budget of your facility. It may be geared towards a smaller facility, but it still provides your staff the best in communication to help focus time and energy on what matters most — the best care for your residents.

Sound & Signal works hand-in-hand with industry leader Rauland-Borg to provide the Responder 4000 as an affordable, scalable solution to meet the customized needs of your facility.

With wireless phone and pager integration, your staff can be notified quickly and easily of resident activities. Room equipment failure or wandering patient notification can be sent automatically to a console, wireless phone, or pager.

This gives your patients and their loved ones a level of security, knowing they have the best care possible in their long-term care facility. Response time is immediate, providing peace of mind if help is needed.

The Responder 4000 can be integrated to other Responder systems, making it ideal for long-term facilities within a companion hospital.